Thursday, June 18, 2009

fun and challenging

city from the hillsshoesmeandsararelishrest stop
some people want me to blog about my days.
The other day me and the crew went on a FABULOUS HIKE in the HOLLYWOOD HILLS!
Were you there too?
Cause its possible YOU are as cool and hardcore as that.
maybe not.
Hiking is fun and I plan on doing it always and forever or until I hurt myself which ever comes first.
I also had pink berry yogurt the other day for the 1st time EVER and it was like yeah ok whatever bitter yogurt with berries,
but still I should not complain cause it was very enjoyable. i got the plain with green tea. It was refreshing.
We all love non fat yogurt.
what will this weekend be like?
my lights have been dimming and flickering.
hope its just the spirits saying hi and not some bigger problem.
you take care of you and try not to forget about me.

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