Monday, May 18, 2009

I am afraid to fast forward.

i know that my pics are sim but there are smalls difs and that matters. whatever why am I saying this?
every safewAY/VONS/pavillion or whatever the fuck is the same.
once I was trippin out on some acid and I figured that out.
BUT tivo and DVR are two very different things.
TV really bothers me all together. can cause some real unnecessary problems.
the internet too for THAT MATTER.
so i was like I will miss this liquor aisle
but there are the same liquor aisles EVERYWHERE.
I dont even drink.
I always think about the calories and figure I would rather get high and eat some chocolate.
BUT listen up I want to see public enemies, so bad. DEPP AND BALE! are you fucking kidding me/.1!!
and whats the PEPSI MAX?
diet cola for men? Puh LEEZ!
marshmy apartment and a flaming marshmallow.
speaking of slim shady...?
have you seen him lately?
potand my potato pancakes that were not lying.
they are what they say they are.

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