Sunday, May 10, 2009

its a little stupid.

whyi am freexing cold right now so my overheated computer feels good on my lap.
why is it so hot? that reallyy ccant be good can it?
its actually starting to burn now.
its been the best mothers day yet.
i had
an omelette
a chocolate fruit kabob
a turkey burger w a delicious salad and some chocolate/vanilla non fat yogurt w peanut butter sauce AND marshmellow sauce and and and and all this other nice stuff.
roosteri have a lot more pictures but my flcker account is always telling me its full and no more pictures are allowed but I just keep loading and loading and not listening and its the craziest thing
trying to get all bossy ir somethingy whatev.
but really maybe some pictures are being erased?
I dont care its not that important.
Been wanting to watch 8 mile for the past few MONTHS and I am sure it wont ever happen unless I put it on a list.
i have a list.
a few lists.
P5100688i dont know about this one really. BUt there YA GO!
my feet got realllly dirty today.

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