Wednesday, May 13, 2009

hear them with my eyes

P5120707skirtSO I found the best cotton summer skirts @ TARGET yesterday.
ONLY $9!
thanks goodness they only had 1 in my size or I would have bought one in every color they had.
and thank goodness it is bright blue.
target is so fun.
they have really cool retro shades too.
We gotta protect those pretty peepers.
what else?
I have been making SMORES lately.
Its all been good and very well BUT
I dont understand why SCOOBY DOO is NEVER On!
In times past it was on every second of every fucking day.
How does something go from that to gone?
Its not an easy thing for me to understand.
HOw hard is it to properly rotate all the cartoons that exist in this universe?
I cant imagine it being that terribly MIND bending difficult.
any one idiot can create a play list.
so thats my problem with you right now.
the lack of cartoon variety in my life.
whom do I tell?

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