Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I can smell the coffee

Did you know that it is teacher appreciation week? well it is
so Drew and I made some chocolate chip cookies for his teacher.
They are very delicious and I hope she likes them and maybe she could share them with the kids.
I have had 5. maybe 6.
forget about the cookies.
The packing is going on
I think maybe I have packed 4 or 5 boxes and that feels like something.
should be a smooth move.
sorry i have no new news or anything cool to say.
once the sun stays hot around here I will try to get a tan and LEAVE YOU ALONE TOTALLY.
does spf 15 do ANYTHING at all?
I really wish it did.
A lot of girls get spray tanned and it last like 5-7 days then you go again.
I can only afford the sun.
by a very little.

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