Thursday, December 11, 2008

sneaky little devil

PC111695silly me took some videos of myself vacuming and sweeping. i will keep them in my personal stash. the trash can.
and riight now i am wishing for a saucy cheesy pizza slice to shove down my throat to fill the voids.
but i will settle for 2 nice big swigs of nyquil. maybe a handful of marshmallows? chocolate chips?
i am sick.
when is Easter?
I hope we never die.
1 more thing
i received a notice about a certified letter and I thoought OOOOoo maybe something important and cool like money or some other cool information or doc but no it was some fucking nothing and I almost refused to sign for it.
i was all like oh yea no thanks keep it. bye. but no no I signed and accepted.
now they know I have received it.

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