Friday, December 05, 2008


PC041605 I work HARD at my job. after counting the drawer and turning on the music I take some pictures
reflectmedo you and your eyeballs wanna see some of the merch for sale at the store that I am employed at?
I am sure you do so here ya go
rings some cool rings made out of glass. they break easy.
ornamentpretty christmas ornament made in nepal or somewhere
luchasome little wrestling figure guys FROM MEXICO. I bought my son 2.
ilikei like this ring. buy it for me? its 80 dollars and sorta kinda too big but it will work just fine,
do my hands look gross? do i need more lotion? or do all hands look this wrinkled and dry in photos?
I thought I had model hands but this photo makes me feel different. pretty ring though.
devilI would not put this on my tree. who would? nobody is buying this. It will end up on the clearance table. its FUNNY. the owner kinda keeps it hidden. I think they are like 15 bucks maybe even 24.95. pricey.
I would so totalllly buy it for you but I am BROKE.devil girland the girl.
PC041649this one is acceptable for the treee.
be good.
so last night I had a dream that the left side of my neck was pierced with this BAR and it was stinging like a painful BEE sting
huurt so BAD
so i removed it. I was wondering why the hell I even had it done.
and I was driving around w/ some girl that I do not know but we seemed like good friends.
we were shopping.
just thought I would add that.
sorry if I already mentioned this to you earlier.
somedays it is very foggy in this neck of the woods
I find it pretty and peaceful for like 1o minutes then after the 1o minutes it starts to piss me off.

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