Sunday, December 14, 2008


chicken explosion
that delicious chicken dinner was ruined to say the least. who the fuK knew?
you cant pour cold water in a hot dish without an explosion bursting in your face! I thought I have done this before and everything worked out just fine. It was more like kinda cold water. WHATEVERRR!!! I was sick and still am. Have been sick for like a WEEK, did you know? did you care? but today it ends.
I have the xmas spirit in me and I have to go take a shower now and then I have to bounce off to work like a big girl.
RAIN in predicted for today, tomorrow and the rest of my time up in this northern part of California and that means a BIG PROBLEM for my life. You wouldnt understand why because you live in your own reality which involves NON reality.
goodie for you and your shoes.

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