Sunday, June 29, 2008

when the air blows on my skin I think of you only

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet One store called BEVMO has some decent pina colada mix for 3.49
the grocery store in my life called VONS sells the exact SAME bottle of mix for 6.99!
can you believe that? whats the deal? why does vons have to jack up the price like that?
Well haha jokes on them cousin cos forget that noise I refuse to let them get away with that hooey.
plus their lines are always 2.5 miles long.
I almost stole the stuff.
what are they gonna do about it?
run after me and catch me? maybe.
idiot vons. you dont even know what VONS is do you!?
where I used to be employed as a courtesy clerk
but boy oh boy that place has sure gone down hill since I left back in 1998.
they do have some NEW strawberry angel food cake going on.
I love ANGEL FOOOD CAKE so you know I gotsta try that on.
Didn't buy that EITHER because I dont have time to stand around in lines.
I need self check out. so they lost some serious business.
anyways its going 2 b 105 degrees today.
wooo weee that sun is NOT messin around lately.
its straight to work for mr sun.
now I am going to apply my lotions and minerals the internet has wasted my time long enough.

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