Wednesday, June 18, 2008

we are in a whale

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
there there it will be okay.
the sun really takes a lot out of you.
the other day i bought another bag to tote all my crap in and I STILL feel bad about it.
but its cute. It has owls and treees and talks about how organic I am.
its me. its Kathryn.
9.99 THERE I SAID IT 9.99!
its made of all organic materials. (exclusive of trim)
I should take a picture of it but fuck am I ever too busy and tired to bother.
and I know what i am talking about at all times and I dont need to explain anything to anyone.
so fuck off.
I also bought a dress that fits all stupid like and so I will have to return it. SOMETIME! EVENTUALLY.
tomorrow morning is TURBO KICK BOXING and I am ready to punch my face off.
and that mississippi river fucked up royally.
insecurity is a crime in my book.

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