Monday, June 09, 2008

I swear

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i ate a think thin chocolate fudge high protein bar for an active lifestyle and it was not good.
my protein shakes have gone up in price 30 fucking cents!
too expnsive. BUt I will cont to buy. I dont care.
so you should know that i have like 7 ENORMOUS sunflowers growing up in my yard. they are like children but easy.
anyone thinking about making babies right now has got to be a fucking idiot cause lets be real.
its over.
the dirty dishes are piled up in the kitchen from last night and this morning.
PLUS we broke out the blender last night.
AND I made brownies. I ALWAYS MAKE BROWNIES> with fat free yogurt.
so school is out pretty much almost
after this week.
and I bought a CANOPY
its being delivered soon bitches.
what else do I need to do today that out of the ordinary?
defrost chicken and buy an ink cartridge.
but come on now do I really need the ink?
I should run a few tests to see before I run out and spend more precious money.



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