Thursday, June 26, 2008

take me home

what can i say about that that needs to be said?
I am oily with banana boat protective tanning oil. spf 15
and yesterday I noticed my scalp is burnt or something.
oh and my umbrella broke but it still works so it does not matter much. good try wind.
i do need either more pina colada MIX or more pineapple juice.
either way I have the rum.
some bitches got all crazy loco with me and my friends during kick boxing.
i was like "fuck off ladies". we were being too noisy.
someone always has a problem and if everyone would just worry about themselves thiings would be cool and work out nice.
I am over here in my bathing suit ready skin and I am fine thanks.
why are you paying any attn to me whatsoever?
shouldn't you be so completely focused on you and your reflection that I am like non existent?
play that game.

love you.

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