Thursday, February 28, 2008

You ought to see me now

Photobucketme and a friend went to pilates tonight
the room was as hot as a pre-heated pizza oven so I was sweating all over the fucking place and of course forced to think about this certain pear and blue cheese pizza I have been CRAVING! allday today.
stupid pizza.
why did I wear the long sleeves? thats the fucking question to ask here.
and uh this girl named "Princess" is getting on my nerves.
always crying.
whats wrong? did your cat get run over by a volkswagon? worse?
your boyfriend?
you hate your job?
dont know what youre doing here?
talk to someone.
release the pressure.
just dont stand there and cry.
hopefully shes ok.
and Princess? are you fucking kidding me?
i once as a young child had a white kitten named Princess and I think I remember returning it DEAD to the shelter in a shoe box.
now thats sad.
and why did that HAVE to happen?
why does death have to happen?
I believe in a cure for death.
and I believe they already have a cure for CANCER and AIDS.
so lets talk about THAT.

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