Monday, January 28, 2008

by the end of the day

I have a terrible terrible cough.
you know I USED to smoke.
it all started around age 8
mostly in bed reading those choose your own adventure books
my uncles marlboro REDS
he was always away on trips and I would hang out in his room and steal cool stuff like cigarettes and airplane models.
My life hasnt chnaged too much although NOW I dont smke marlboro reds my uncle is dead and I read, smoke and steal other stufff.
but I am interested in reading some more choose your OWN adventure books.
buy me one for valentines day
that or a fleece blanket
AND some pretty spatulas
I love spatulas.
have you heard about the weather being out of its fucking mind?
does weather think about what its doing?
i guess weather has no sense of control whatsoever.
AND today is some sort of anniversary for me.

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