Monday, January 14, 2008

feels good because of that and the lowfat milk

candyi am watching american gladiators. for the first time ever.
i skipped breakfast this morning I feel ok about doing it because I know that kelly ripa DOES IT! once in awhile.
she also eats almonds.
I love almonds.
i wish I had a little bag or a handful right this very now.
go ahead and enjoy them however you please.
theyre good.
i also like cashews and walnuts.
peanuts even.
are nuts full of bad fats or good fats or both?
whats the story on nuts?
pears are good too
but have nothing to do with nuts.
anyways coco just had the hiccups and I was asking her over and over again if she was OK!?
she never even answered me but she seems to b fine.
i have been wondering about the air i breathe at night.
are humidifiers good or bad?
i say good.
and what i say is what I fucking say.
and I am using a humidifier.

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