Friday, January 04, 2008

for a limited time only

aprils roomits sucks when all you can think about is how fat you are.
today I woke up feeling thin.
portion control.
weight talk is boring talk.
I have to go handle yet ANOTHER traffic ticket.
and yes I have resolutions!
and drive like a 60 yr old grampa happens to be one of them.
not too old a grampa.
and maybe I should say gramma but grampas maybe seem safer. ?
I wouldnt know
I never drove around with a grampa of my own and your grampa drove with caution.
uncles pretty much drive just like grampas right?
I dont really remember my uncles drivng skills.
who cares!
I just hate traffic tickets that are due on January 7th.
and I hate thought of the line that I have to probably stand on.
BUT I had some really good oatmeal and a really good nights sleep and I am gonna take a shower and then I am going to be happy about everything.
dont give me advise.

I hear my voice on the television.

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