Wednesday, January 09, 2008


starting to feel less fat everyday now.
changed my diet.
drinking WATER.
and only good snacks like APPPLES or ORANGES or YOGURT.
or NO SNACKS! and NO SODA! wine is fine.
I will keep taking pictures of my body to see the change
and lucky you I like to share.
and you shut YOUR face.
its not that I think I am FAT FAT
I just know I could do and BE better
AND all my jeans are snug.
b u t Y e A H. NO BIGGIE.
and let me just add
i feel like my blog doesnt care about me or I mean I dont care.
either wya.
my life is getting more and more organized everyday.
you should see how well my laundry is being kept up on
i dont know whatthe fuck has got into me.
i do wish I would get up thirty minutes earlier everyday.
and I kinda hate my dishwasher
seems like one big waste of energy.

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