Thursday, March 27, 2014

dot your t's & cross your i's

My thighs are super sore from over working myself at the good ole gymnasium. Oh fitness why must you be so mean and tiresome yet so lovely and lively at the same time!? You cruel bitch! 
To help my sore leg muscles I soaked in an epsom salt bath. I should sleep like a bear tonight, we will see. I am really thirsty right now and that's mildly inconvenient because I so do not feel like walking Allllllll the way down the fricken frackin stairs for a glass of water! Ugh. Back in the day, in my old house d'kitchen was upstairs next to my bedroom, that was handy for moments like this. 
Oh hey! Here is a throwback Thursday pic. Me @ my 6th birthday party. I think I'm a lil peeved that my friend janelle is helping w the holding up of my cake. She looks happy.  Whatta brat I was!!! Am!??? I love the rainbow cake. Her n I were Masonic Rainbow GIRLS 5 years later. We still keep in touch. Adulthood is time consuming. 
Good stuff. 
Uhhh what? smell lightbulbs!? Haha good thing i caught that mistake before turning in the finished project! Dumbass! School is a silly silly thing.
I got my nails done today. That was cool cause I hadn't done that in what seemed like years!!!!! 
I am just gonna end this post now. 

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