Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Today was like a crazy mess of unexpectedness. In a nutshell I was like huh?? Then oh Ok. That's good for me. And then whatever. 
Went to the fun gym in the evening. Then the grocery store! The girl scouts are still trying to get my business and i feel
Like I'm about to just GIVE IN! Thin mints!   Should I!? No. 
This was me today. Allllllll ready to go. Alllllll dolled up. 
Mexican food from Saturday night was juSt ok. Didn't like knock my socks off or anything. I should tell yelp. Yelp is a fun thing I enjoy using. You can stalk me there. 
New gym shoes in the wood chips. This picture doesn't capture their energy the way I would like. They are awesome. Brooks. They make me bounce. Put a boing into my step. We all need some extra BOING! 
This is my good friends oven. I'm infatuated w it. It's blueness. It's vintageness. It's a serious work of art. She is a lucky girl and deserves it. She's a true friend. Not like the other fake "friends" I have encountered in my past. She's known me since I was 12.  
I look cute in this outfit so I could not resist. 
My good friend and I in front of her stove. I have my hand on my hip. Guess I'm posing? Haha I shouldn't bother w that. Unnecessary.
God bless us both. 
You toozzzz. 

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