Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Breaks in the clouds

I'm a thick woman. Healthy. 
Coolest toddler EVER!!! Ugh I love him soooooo much. More n more everyday. Some people think he needs a haircut but I just can't! His hair is beautiful with a slight curl to it. So why!?? Because society says?? Well that's a bigger reason not to! Society is a lie. Jesus had long flowing hair. 
That momma duck is nesting. Nature can be sweet and dirty. 
Miniaturegolf is not my favorite activity but I still participate. This particular course was gorgeous! I felt like I was in Hawaii! 
Springbreak was full of fun! A week of good dining and outdoor adventures! Maybe the best spring break of my life! Found some nice pieces of seaglass. Searching for them is very therapeutic. The water rushing back n forth over the rocks and pebbles is a soothing sound and sight. I love it. Then when you find a significant piece it's very exciting! Treasure hunting success! 
I did see a decapitated beached sea lion one day. That was COOL too! But sad. But interesting. Such is life! 
I didn't bring a razor on our vacay so my arm pits got really hairy! 
Got a good head start on my summer glow. It's amazing what the sun can do. 
Kids are fun. 
Life is fun.
Today is library day! 

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