Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Onward and Upward

I just don't have time for this. 
With Life Happening 24/7. 
It's beautiful. Glorious even. 
Today was GYM then LIBRARY then LUNCH then WALK TO PARK then PLAY then WALK HOME! Uphill! I had to shower afterwards cause the hill is a major bitch and my body was drippng wet w sweat! Wooooweee 
Gorgeous day though! 
Oh yeah I really really really need to clean out my car tomorrow! 
And fold laundry! I'll be all proud and cool with my laundry situation then kaboom laundry all over the place! Mountains! 
Kite flying is a way cooler activity than laundry! But it's not a necessary thing now is it. can't be all, " oh Man I really need to go fly my kite today!" But maybe it should be a need. Laundry you can just wait! I neeeeeeeds to go fly my kite! Get off my back!
Oh yeah COCO died! The nerve! How dare she!? Seriously! We loved her. Yes yes she may have pissed me off a few times. But still. That's love. I put up w her annoying tendencies. She died in my arms as I told her how much she was loved and that she was a good girl. We had fun with her. She was a happy dog.
Oh life. Why must it hurt so?
It's okay. 
Pets die. People die. Plants die. Planets die. Relationships die. Phones die. 
Everything expires. 
Except true love. 
It did happen out of the blue. She was overweight. :( so I'm guessing it was her tiny heart. Couldn't fight the fight anymore. 
I can handle it. So far. We can deal. We all deal in our own way. Learn and absorb the emotions we have. Learn to adjust. To move forward with a HAHAHA. 

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