Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Solving Pirate Problems

Fourth of July 2013 was one to be treasured. Delicious food, great friends and awesome family time complete w explosions!  The steak was literally melting in my mouth! You could cut it w a butter knife! Someone brought the cuts all the way from Montana. I for one felt blessed to experience such a delicious piece of meat.  I made a spaghetti salad that included 2 lbs of bacon along w other fresh ingredients! It was a hit among the harbor peeps. Some even requested the recipe! I was honored to share! I just found it in the Internet so it's not like I invented the recipe. I also contributed a caprese salad and cupcakes. The event was potluck style! I love potlucks! 
 Happy people are the best people. They actually smile and walk around the world being pleasant. It's beneficial to surround yourself with such folks. 
There I am being happy w a pineappledrank and one of my children. The pineapple was filled w a strong  alcoholic beverage! Sadly I can't maintain a good buzz because I am constantly required to be in "mommy mode". Work work work. Never stops. Especially while on a boat! Danger lurks everywhere! Gotta stay on my toes! Still fun! The kids had their own lil pineapple drinks. So adorbs! Who knew that tiny pineapples even existed? My mom that's who. 
I had this post all worked out n ready to go last night but my phone went dead so it disappeared and I was like f that I'm going to bed! I forgot all that was said in the 1st attempt. Pretty much all this stuff. who really cares? Does anyone actually read this jibber jabber ?? Besides me.
Summer has been jammed up w fishing, beach trips, swimming fun, amusement parks, bbqing, tanning, ikea shopping (hahA), krispy kreme doughnuts, movie going and more! It's hard to keep up w laundry AND get to the gym! Swimming laps is good exercise though. Plus I get a tan while doing so. Before I know school will be back in session and sleeping in will no longer be an option so whatevvvv!
Yesterday after swimming all day I did drag the kids to the gym and I hit up an evening spin class! I felt really good about that. I needed that extra sweating time. Sauna and all. 
Summer is salty foods galore! 
A couple of very exciting birthdays are right around the corner. 
We end the summer w birthday bashes around here! So excited I am! 

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