Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I looked online

cherriesI imagine those cherries are gone or really really over ripe.
who knows what happened to them.
just some fruit.
I would really like a fruit tree.
I never even blog anymore.
Everything feels so lonely in here.
and fuck this wind, hahahaha.
but really this weather is making me lose my cool.
Yesterday was cool
Raspberries were onsale
I wonder if they will still be tomorrow.
berries ROCK my world.
I have not been in the moood for watermelon since it feels like I should be baking a pumpkin pie.
DO you really wanna know how I Feel?
I FEEL as IF SUMMER is already OVER and done.
? is that true?
did I travel through some sort of black hole of time and land in a dif season and dimension.
cause i could swear it was just may and I already had my base tan in the works.
now I am wearing a sweater.
so does this mean that i really DONT in fact need a lounge chair and a table with a nice umbrella.
well good good good!
BECAUSE those things seem to be unattainable.
and what happened to those cheap rubbery plastic lounge chairs in my grammas backyard?
where can I find some of those?
forget it. forget this blog TOTALLY.

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