Thursday, September 04, 2008

you are now running on reserve power.

specnov2glasses meandsarabobaramefyi I CUT THAT SHIRT BECAUSE RAYMI SHOWED ME HOW TO IN A VIDEO OF HERS. thanks for that dearest raymi darling
my doings.
I packed my CHINA
for the past TWO DAYS! and I am soooooooo soooo thrilled and hhhaaaaaapppy to be done with it.
I hate you china and I hate you.
so yeah I figured I would puke up all these photos in your face.
I have been busy with concerts and beaches and parties and dinners and boxes and sleeping and stuff like that.
its been hectic.
I love it.
what else?
OH have you been watchng the political stupid idiot conventions? I have and I cant stand it,
I hate SARAH PALIN. who the fuck?
please do not vote for that ticket. PREETTTTY PLEASSE for me and for you.
her kids names are enough to make you understand why.
oMFL! please someone undertstand me and my feelings. those are the dumbest names I have ever heard. MAYBE MAYBE just one of those names would be ok
but ALL FIVE together is just fucking retarded and fucking gay. a little over kill.
what else can I say?
OH hey! we purchased this scary thing to transport our bikes and I am scared it may fall off our car and cause a serious problem on the 5.
that wont happen.
I am nervous but a least I am cute.

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