Monday, September 29, 2008

About to blog

do you miss me?
be honest.
all the stuff I could fit was jammed in to those uhaul things.
some stuff had to be left behind.
some stuff was stolen by some fucking bastards that l believe deserve to rot in hell.
someone stole my birdbath :( my beautiful ceramic birdbath,
some crackers, spices and protein shakes.
GIVE ME A BREAK! go to the store and buy your own groceries and ceramic birdbath.
anyways, I am hungry for dinner.
salmon, rice and steamed BROCCOLI
had some THAI for lunch that was TO DIE FOR.
coconuts are the best.
joined a new gym today.
l start tomorrow and I am nervous like a little girl
considered jumping right in tonight but one more day of fat and lazy sounds lots more fun.
things are unusual and smell different.
the place is just a skip and a hop from my new place.
i still need to put all my clothes away in the proper areas but fuck i guess that is just too hard.
it is much easier to search for pants and shirts in large piles of shirts and pants.
but anyways everything is great.
corn on the cob w butter and salt is the new fun trend around here but we dont have any right now and that makes me sad. maybe a trip to the store is ness.
lets do this.
thought I would say more but I guess I wont.

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