Thursday, July 03, 2008

salmon on toast

salmon on toast - Photo Hosted at Buzznetmy lunch from the other day.
i love omega fatty acids!!!! i cant get enough.
or can i? can I get too much? one thing omega fatty acids do for us is help protect our skin from the harmful UV rays the sun beams down to earth.
and MANY MANY other wonderful things for the brain and heart.
we are floating away from the sun anyways so eventually we will be dead.
I cant decide on breakfast. oatmeal or cheerios? I am leaning towards cheerios cause oatmeal is too hot and its already one thousand degrees.
the strawberry angel food cake i was lusting after was delicious but left a funny after taste
it was SO worth it.
and now its all gone.
and now we are on a break.
today I am moving onto summer peach pie ice cream
my advise is: eat a lot of cake and ice cream. A lot.
midori sours are good too. drink those.

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