Monday, September 19, 2005

that is the plan

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I will run again today.
I am determined to be a runner.

Why do kids have to be naughty for attention?
just be good.
Drew is throwing all his little people animals because I am on this computer.
They really are annoying.
But that is fine.
Adults are pretty annoying too.

I stole this from some crazy bitchez blog so go there and type in my BLOG Url and see it all pirate style!! so FUN!
the crazy girl is Raymi. her blog is fun.
SO anyways.
I am on my second cup of coffee.
and I feel like smoking but I won't.
At least not till after I run.

So Modest Mouse is an awesome band and everyone should listen to them.
I used to make fun of their Alright Already song but they are truly KICK ASS!
So if you are down with the mouse then I am down with you.


Malia said...

Kids do things for attention because....are you ready?.....they are kids, that's what they do! They want to play, they don't want to sit quietly, that's boring!


Kathryn said...

Oh really?? wow. I had no idea. ha ha

carrie said...

such a brat!