Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Open or Closed?

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I have maids.
I should not have maids.
I should clean my own house.
But then again why should I
But i could use that money differently.
Smarter maybe?
It does eliminate stress.
I do run around cleaning and stuff before they arrive.
I just like it to be as neat as possible for them.

I like having them clean my toilets and floors and bathtubs and dust and polish and scrub things. I hate that crap.'ANd it is what I have been doing since like the beginning of time.
Seriously think about it.
We are always cleaning.
Well most of us.
So I just wanna break.

But I still have piles of things.






oh and wires.

lots of wires.

Everything really should just go and find a home already.


Janet said...

You should not have to scrub your toilets or floors and neither should I so send your maid over here when she is done at your place. :o)

Malia said...

Ooo, I wish I had a maid.


carrie said...

one time i did housework for catholic charities and it is more fun to clean other ppl's houses than one's own.

Liam said...

Neil Young said "a man needs a maid". I think he may have been wrong.

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