Saturday, September 24, 2005

I can watch Kill Bill pretty much whenever.

We went to a new restaurant tonight.
So the place is all hectic with people and too many employees.
New employees.
It was fine.But our waiter or server whatever you prefer, kept saying ''no problem'' to everything.
I bet he has had a lot of guests with problems lately.
But it annoyed me.
But I am easily annoyed. That is my problem.
but for him it was "no problem".
The new restaurant was lovely.


carrie said...

yes, when i was working at the bank, they told us not to say "no problem" because it suggests that there must actually be a problem or you'd not have mentioned the word "problem" in the first place. heheheheh.


Kathryn said...

that is what I was thinking.
i was like whyt would it be a problem to get some water?? It drove me nuts. He must have said it 100 times.
To everything.

carrie said...

no problem

Janet said...

WHAT new restaurant? I want to try a new restaurant! Johnny Carinos?

Kathryn said...

yes. lets go!

Zandria said...

I agree, that definitely would've been annoying. And I second what Janet said...let's try a new restaurant (yes, I'm inviting myself along)! A good excuse for another "girl's night out"... :)

Lo said...

I wanna go!!!

nicole said...

me too me too! xoxo

Kathryn said...