Monday, April 25, 2005

SO here is a boring post for you:

Umm today I woke up at 6 am.
Made coffee.
Read horoscopes. I read everyones I know because then I get a glimpse of "their" life. So I think.
Then I made Drew some pancakes and scrambled eggs.
Then we took a HUGE WALK! All the way to the park and back.
Then we went to Target and Trader Joes.
Then we went to Wendys for lunch.
Then we came home and Drew had a nap and I had a shower.
OH! I bought new make-up at Target. I got some that will make me look younger.
Line minimizing.
Then Tim came home and we started dinner and crud.
Orlando joined us for dinner and was 30 minutes late. RUDE!
And now Tim and Drew are waiting for me to read books. It is bedtime.
NOT FOR ME!! :))
We are all going to watch Heavy Metal. YES, I am obsessed.
SO WHAT!?!?!?!
Well, isnt that a fun day in the life of KATHRYN!?


Janet said...

I would never be 30 minutes late for dinner.

nicole said...

This could be any one of the days in the life of Nicole. xoxo
(except the pancake part - too much work!)

carrie said...

i think it is interesting to read about your days! :) you have a unique outlook on things.
Heavy Metal is good. I want to watch it now. I think I'll go ahead and rent it so I can copy you as usual! :D

Kathryn said...

as usual. ;)