Friday, April 29, 2005

Just a Ride

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Hmm what should I say now?
Very nice day today.
We took a nature walk.
Now we are home and Drew is napping.
My house should be cleaned.
But I just don't wanna.
My refrigerator should be cleaned out.
It is pretty sick. But I am sure there are worse.
I'll start having a REALLY clean house when Drew is in school.
So I think.
When Drew is napping I MUST ignore everything else but MYSELF.
I am here somewhere.
I have noticed one funny thing about myself.
I talk to myself. ALLDAY.
If I am aggravated about something, something like a computer or other machine. I'll say, "Come on. Give me a break. Why won't you just cooperate. JESUS!"
WHo am I talking to?
OH! Or if I bump my head or stub my toe. Something annoying and silly like that. I get REALLY mad! And blame the entire universe for making that happen to me.
I need to take a chill pill.


Janet said...

At least you can blame your messy house on a 2 year old! I have nobody to blame but myself. I am a disaster. :o)

Janet said...

I like you picture.

Janet said...

I mean YOUR picture.

Kathryn said...

Hey FOLKS! She is not lying it is pretty messy. ;P

carrie said...

LOL scott thinks you sound just like me! lololol and he is scared that there are more than one of these type ppls walkin this here planet. ;-) i recken