Saturday, May 16, 2015

Yes please

Testing testing 123 blah blah
David Letterman is retiring. That's been on my mind. I hate goodbyes. Endings. But if I hate I also must love.
Today was exhausting for me but also fun.
I ate waaay TOO much sugar. Ugh. What a silly and out of control way to behave.
I should just go to sleep right now but I also just want to be.
Be awake and just like existing without motion or thought. I will sleep soon.
Rebellious nature.
Just thought I would blog.
Smells like something is baking but I am pretty sure that nothing like that is going on right now. In this current realm of reality. Ha ha ha ha so deep. Blowing your mind I know.
I'm joking. Nobody is even reading this.
A lady just hollered outside. Saturday night! She gets it.
Right now I'm a bore.
Safe, quiet, and cozy sound like a great time.
Been thinking and...
Chocolate pie, carmel apples, cotton candy is all so gross! All of it is disgusting. Cake TOO. Bleeuughh!
Sugar is deadly.
I need to detox myself after today. I might as well go to the store and buy some hot dogs and buns and eat summer right here right now because if I don't relax on the delicious sugary treats and other wonderful creations in the world involving foods I am going to need a few moo moos to get my through my days. Like Mrs roper.
But no it's fine. I'm exaggerating. I already forgot my point.
I don't think I can post I picture to prove a point either.
Did you see Adam Levine get attacked by a man that poofed powdered sugar in his face. Crazy.
I'm so tired.
Last night I had a fun adventure on  dirt road sorta lost and mildly scared but I was faithful I'd find a road to the main road. We are only 20ish miles away from DTLA right? We can't get that lost right?
I also went to a high school play w a friend. I had a great time.  I want and plan to go to more.  My treat.
Life is such an off road choose your adventure book.
I need to order some of those.


Anonymous said...

I always check your blog.
Someone is reading.

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