Thursday, March 10, 2016

No worries or cares

 I want to ditch all things technology.  I'm over it.  The chips.  The wires.  The bandwidth?  Wtf. It's so dumb.  And getting gas is dumb too.  Pumping fuel? Like a barbarian! What is this?  We advance so much in so many ways but a large majority of us still pump fuel w those disgusting nozzle things.   I should just bike or walk.  That would lead to death.  People drive like huge a holes thinking they are the ones in the right.  

Btw i feel that nozzle should be spelt w a k. Like knozzle.
I'm just venting.  I actually feel good.  Chill. 
But i see.  I know.  I feel. 
Who do you think YOU are?
Just a loser baby.


Anonymous said...

That is so effing true!! I thought I was the only person who thought that way.

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