Friday, July 31, 2015

Full Circle

Nevermind nevermore ugh forgive forget and move the fuck on.
I wrote shit and it just vanished!
This week is one funny mo fo thing after the next.  I might just laugh and laugh until i laugh some more and pass the f out. And die. 
My hair is soaking wet and sun bleached and my skin is red and in need of heavy moisturizing cream. My knee is jacked from battling the fierce/intense ocean 3 days straight!  Could've been 4 but Monday I tooka nap instead of beachin it up. Waves were more merciless than usual! I love swimming/boogieboarding in the ocean!  I really really want to try surfing!  I guess i either need to rent a surfboard or take a class. Find a cool board at a garage sale maybe.   I'd also love to scuba!  I used to scuba dive in my gramma kaes pool back when i was a child.  Good times. I also want to water ski and stuff! I can't wait!  So much fun awaits us all! Hurry! 

I'm an aquaholic. 

Lost a pair of drugstore sunglasses in the ocean when a wave knocked me on my ass.  It was fun and hilarious. I tried to find them but let's get real. They are gonzo! It happens.
Once i lost a camera. Remember?  Gone.
Weather wise inland here in California it was storming like a crazy person but i was frolicking in the sea like the free spirited mermaid that i truly AM.
I should dry my hair.

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