Monday, June 09, 2014

Tres cray

Pool party smile! 
Cool wall paint job! 
A list.
A house. 
Delicious and nutritious.  
This one was my favorite tile. I'll remember it always until I don't. 
Yo! Today is almost over! 
I love bedtime! I love sleep! 
Been so busy busting moves all over the place. 
Swimming, lounging, exercising, cleaning and organizing! 
making money! 
Feeling an overall sense of calm. 
A peace within. 
It's the hot yoga. I swear! It's a wonderful thing. The secret. That and lemon water! Oh and cold as ice showers. 
I simply adore cold showers.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh the serenity. 
But hey look at this old pic of me with a friend and her lil bro! We kidnapped him and held him for ransom! I think he is flipping us off. We seem pleased. 
That's me on the right. 
And that's me directly above the kidnapped boys head. 
Young n blonde. 
Group photo! 
These pics are from 1968! I mean 1997!! 98? I don't know really. 
Good times with friends. 
I was a lifeguard the summer of 97.
Best job EVER! 
A little stressful but very rewarding. Nice tan. Good people. Cash. Youth. 
Good times. 
Moving along. 
Hope your summer 2014 is full of blessings. 

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