Saturday, August 02, 2014


Blogging sure HAS NOT evolved. I know Ive said it before but HOLY COW you'd think by now there would be some AWESOME options OR SOMETHING. I dont know what I'm looking for OR expecting. ANYTHING I GUESS. ANything NEW. the way the photos upload is ANCIENT history stuff. coded and dumb. AND the background shouldn't be soooooo tasking to change. I could go on and on. Like I had another post and I deleted a pic from my phone and so the pic was ALSO deleted from my BLOG! UGHHH. so I tried to FIX it but no. unfixable and then the post had to be deleted all together. weird. whatev. and the pictures are formatted STUPIDLY. GOOD SUMMER. A GOD SUMMER. A blessed summer. I love SUMMER. I love you. TODAY I am going BIRTHDAY present shopping for my SOON to be 12 yearold! SO DOPE. SO FLY. SO RAD! what else???? UHHhhhhhh I just made a smoothie w my TOT. HE is a smoothie MONSTER! I bought the blender we use a DAY before he was BORN. HE was like OHHHH OK! I guess the smoothie machine was his inspiration for BIRTH. HA. My kids are my world.

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