Sunday, June 01, 2014

Sunshine Day!

The summer fun has begun! The pool party I attended yesterday was super awesome! They have it down! Snow cone maker, popcorn machine, hotdog thingy, cilantro ranch dressing, delicious Mexican food, pizza! Cake! It was stocked! I made a snicker/apple salad, everyone LoVED it! It was a winner! Easiest salad ever really. Just a lot of chopping! Next time I should double the recipe because it gets gobbled up! 
However I was the only mom that wore a bathing suit and swam around in the pool. Wassup wit dat? Yaknow? It's a pool party! Let's do this! Is my motto! Whatever I guess. I'm just a kid at heart. 
Really fun day yesterday. Today will be fun too! 

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