Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's the matter dear?

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. 
I was home plate. 
Anyways! I didn't sleep at all last night. Well I guess I slept for at least an hour or so because my father visited me in a dream. We talked and he gave me a big hug and told me he loved me very much. Was awesome. 
I'm wTching I love Lucy right now. The day is flying by! Tomorrow is a busy ish day. Most activities taking place in the morning. 5th grade promotion and brunch with friends and their families. Should be cool. Then summer starts! 
Pool time, water balloons, bubbles, popsicles and stuff. 
Yesterday I was at a BBQ and I consumed  2 hamburgers! They weren't even good! Isn't that hilarious!?
No. It's sad. 
Mediocre hamburgers are still better than hot dogs! 
Oh I ate Cheetos too!  Why are those so good!? I love Cheetos. I love chips! 
Well I'm gonna go drink green tea and go to yoga now! Or maybe I should take a spin class? Either way I'll have fun! You have fun being you. 

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