Monday, September 23, 2013

Something Very Special

Kitty Kat in da houuuuse! JK!!! Nobody calls me kitty Kat. But I do love a Kit Kat bar every now n then. Especially around Halloween! Yum. 
I need to think of a Halloween costume! Omg! I'll just be the same thing I was last year! A dead bride! That way I can wear my wedding dress! There! That was easy. 
Everyday flies by! Im like, "wait a minute, whoa nelly"! We all wake up and badabingbadaboom it's back to bed! 
I love it! I love life. Every second of it. All the crazy bullshit! I bask in it. 
Fatty boom batty. 
As you can see I now have a lil purple streak in my hair! Isn't that just the ripest shit you've EVA seen!?!? Im gonna add green n blue later.  U know it buddy! 
So the tv show "Dexter" is finished and the world is sad and left unsatisfied. Too many holes. Makes no sense. Debs dead. Harrison is gone w Hannah??? But wait a sec Harrison has a grandpa n gramma and 2 siblings! How rude! They will want to know where the duck he is! Come ON! Try using your brain for once Dexter writers! You suck! 
Whatever it's just a dumb show. Fake. 
All the good shows are ending! What will we do!?? Read!!? Hahaha
You read. I'll write. 
What else??????
Oh hey! I wore jeans this past weekend. That was exciting and scary.
September is bipolar.
On Friday night I had 3 peach Bellini martinis. They went straight to my head and I developed a southern accent. Weird. I'm a southern belle at heart I guess. 
Y'all come back now ya hear. 

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