Sunday, September 29, 2013

Come in star command!

Yee haw! Toy Story movies are the only thing allowed on my tv! Sun up to sundown! I personally like it and find it comforting and soothing. Could be worse is what I always say! 
Today I feel like pulling out my Halloween decorations! Show these fools how its done. 
According to every horoscope forecast October is going to be a bumpy month for me. BRING IT! I am ready for it. 
Going on a Disneyland trip in October! Can you believe it!? I can't! Never been for the Halloween season so it's gonna be dope!
Yesterday was a school festival w COWS and shit. Literally.
I bought that super cool goblet for $1.60. Such a deal! I bought 2! One for me and one for my friend. I'm a giver. 
Man I want to try that pretzel bun burger from Wendy's! Ugh! I know it'll be gross! I just know it won't live up to my expectations AND it'll make me fat! But I still really wanna try it. I bet the pretzel bun will be stale and hard! I must find out! Today! It's the freakin weekend and I'm gonna have me some fun!  
I eat healthy all the damn time, I deserve a serious cheat meal! Yesterday I ate a powdered donut! Oh good GOD! Call the fat police! 
Although wings n fries sound good too! 
That'd be me in the gym lockeroom/bathrm checking out my bun after my shower. I just love showering at the gym after a hardcore workout/sauna session! Soooooo refreshing and rejuvenating! I thank God the entire time. Walk out feeling like new! Pores tight and body slammin! 
Last Breaking BAd tonight! Good.
I need closure! I've been watching the marathon in the evening here n there since Wednesday. I'll look at the original air date, try to remember what I was doing at that time in my life. Depresses me. I'm like that. My past depresses me. I get all sad for it. Then I'm like shut up BITCH! Time marches on n children grow. Bye bye Walter White n Jesse! Peace, love and meth forever! 
Aaron Paul is hot. Pinkman reminds me of Eminem! 

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