Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Your mama will be here soon

Don't stress. Impress. 
Haha did I make that up!? Or is that an actual saying!? Cause I like it. 
Who cares what I like? You! 
No. I'm talking to myself as always. 
Thinking out loud. 
But Yay! Im blogging! for fun! 
Just this minute I decide that im going to order some magnets! I need some. It feels so satisfying to make a final decision and know that YES you will follow through. 
I'm so hopefully and thankfully lately. Seems to be the thing to do these days. The weather is cooling off sooner in the afternoon, AND this morning there was a slight chill in the air! I was like HELL YeA! Burr. 
wish I could cut out my morning coffeecreamer. I feel i might as well have a bowl of ice cream. A lady in sauna said she uses condensed milk. I'm not sure about that as a move I will be considering, I'll research it. 
I need to do yoga tonight before bed. That something I want to do every night. 
Studying the capitols around here! Hard stuff. 

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