Friday, January 28, 2011


Only like 3 or 4 curly fries. Rip off.
Kathryn ate wayyy too much cherry coca cola w LUNCH and is about to EXPLODE all over the place.
What A MESSSS I have become and am continuing to become and will always be.
BUT YEAH I'd like to take a brief moment here on this blog and announce that some people need to STOP thinking that the world cares.
WE DO NOT CARE about your boring crap LIKE Your bills, your paperwork, your ass or your cousins cousin from Wichita or Maine. Where the fuck ever. I dont even pay attn ALL I do know is that you annoy me.
Unless you are traveling abroad to NEW, fascinating and exotic places you need to get off your high horse.
6 am this morning I came to realize the FACT that I had NO more white bread and everything went sour from there.
WEll, 11 oclock am till about noon 30 was ok but THAT has passed and NOW IS NOW and NOW is this.
This is just for fun.

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