Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monster of the Milky Way

Egg in a hole.I am blogging even though I am thinking NO, dont bother, FORGET it and who cares.
There is an infection that is leading up to my brain and down to my heart and throat and I may die!
I would never kid about something so cereal. Hopefully I can fix the probably before my funeral.
The weather is chilly to the bone and so am I.
I have been eating the egg in a holes all yr. I'd guess I've had 11. one everyday. maybe less. maybe.
less I m sure but they're good. 1st thing I ever prepared on my own besides a bowl of Trix.
Trix was always my cereal of choice in my youth.
Since this is a LOG of my life I should document that I have a really hard time sleeping.
This is what happens: I fall asleep around midnight and wake up at 2:30 am EVERYDAY! EVERYDAY! EVERY FUCKING DAY. 2:30. IF IF IF I am lucky I sleep till 3 am! THREE FUCKING O CLOCK IN THE MORNING, and I m restless. I don't know what to do w/myself. Where do I place my hands? my feet? my head? my everything. Where do I go? Should I walk around? WOULD that help? go outside? breath? WHAT DO I DO? nothing.
Laundry? nO. It's misery not knowing what to do with ones self. Like I want to get out of this body. JUMP OUT. restless. UGH. its tiring and yet not. First I blamed the mattress. Is it the mattress? Maybe the infection heading towards my brain and heart. That makes a little sense.
Not much sense.

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