Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am the captain and this is my shrine.

IMAG1008In like 2 hrs I am gonna be in heaven cause I am gonna BE EATING! hip hip yay for food, and sleep.
BLTA croissant sandwich is the the plan and NO FRIES. I WILL NOT HAVE FRIES. Fruit instead. I think. BUT I change my mind a lot. ANd fries are delicious and yeah.
SORRY I have decision making trouble. I am pretty sure I am just a human, with all the same doubts and agitation.
Rotten bananas are in my kitchen and I really don't want to waste them so I better A) FREEZE THEM or B) make something with them.
Banana cupcakes? bread? more food deliberating happening. I promise thats ALL I think about. Food and love. Love and food. Normal human clutter.
I even delight in studying menus online. SOME have to be downloaded and I find that MOST ANNOYING. Its natural. my porn.
Being a food critic would be so AWESOME. Everyone can agree with that.
OKAY BESIDES my NEXT meal I am also looking forward to watching JERSEY SHORE tonight, BEST REALITY SHOW EVER.
I love Pauly D. who doesn't?
Justin Bieber is another celebrity I LOVE. Its natural. Saw his movie and IT WAS GOOD. Cried a lot through it. I am emotional. I am person who feels things DEEPLY. A deeply feeling person. Remember in the movie Beaches when Bette Midler says that in her interview??? That was funny and I am trying to be funny now. Not so sure it always comes across the way I want so I find myself explaining in more detail but then that even is WRONG. WHY bother???
watch this awesome video. FUCKING AWESOME MOVIE, seen it like 500 x's and I AM NOT KIDDING.

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