Saturday, November 08, 2008

smells like Christmas spirit

So tell me am I lame or what? blogging on SAturday night? Am I lame? HOW LAME DO I GET?
I am drinking too.
I have had three glasses of wine and TWO shots of tequilla.
what does that mean?
For foood tonight I had steak, corn on the cob, baked potato, and a spinach salad. YUM YUM
my son had a major fit at dinner COS he was saving his appetite for his fancy cupcake that was earlier purchased for him so guess what NO CUPCAKE FOR HIM. see how that works? throw a hissy fit and you get sent to BED.
Minus a delicious fancy cherry on top cupcake=life is a crazy bitch and you better act right.
being a good parent is hard work.
Human being children are even more STUPID and UNREASONABLE than humans being adults.
that makes a long story short.
on to my next thought, UH UH.....I guess I got nothing.
enjoy the photo of me and my unreasonable son.
I have to be at work in the morning 10:30 AM SHARP. WE ARE PUTTING UP A CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!
tis the season.

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