Tuesday, November 25, 2008

so far from mickey mouse but he doesn't even know I left

so you know that I have moved to northern CA but what you might not know that is I am not exactly loving it. Not completely meshing with the no cal vibe.
no cal vs. so cal that says it all right there,
i enjoy my job and my boss but the north part of it not so much and I cant exactly tell you exactly why that is. the people?
The sun? the air? is it different? I would have to agree that YES the air is breathable and clean.
yeah maybe it is me.
Me just missing what I know and what I used to do down south. Maybe its a combo of all the things happening, change of seasons, sun going down around 4:30, and the gym here lacks LIFE. I don't know but this feeling is not going away. its only been 2 months.
I am just saying this so I can look back on this one day and read this and see that NO I did not exactly love it at that point.
Will I stay? Probably not BUT what exactly will I do or WHERE will I go? Redondo Beach? I like that place. Will that be better? Will I ever like anywhere? Is Earth not good enough for me?
Lets see what I feel next month or two months from now. Things change by the second.
Tomorrow I will work for 2 and a half hours.
Thursday I am creating a Thanksgiving feast for 3 complete with pumpkin pie.
is the economic crisis even effecting you or are you above that?

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