Thursday, November 20, 2008


blueshoesI appreciate leaves
I am always getting this urge to gather them up, put them in a box, smell them and save them forever,
then I realize that would be dumb and probably end up being a fire hazard.
Its just that some are so vibrant and perfect looking that I dont want to stop admiring their natural beauty.
Fall is prettty prettty pretty awesome
I have never been around so many leaves in my life and I like the crunchy noise they make when I ride my bike through them.
But leaves are not my life.
I have been sweeping a lot of leaves out into the streets lately and I like it.
Mindless work.
I also have been waking up at 5 am in order to get myself at the gym by 6 am and that takes a lot of dedication AND GUTS.
its all DARK at 5am but I love be up before the sun and seeing the sunrise
so crisp and fresh.
shit just remembered I am almost out of stupid coffee creamer.
I cut out my morning brown sugar.
USUALLY I add a teaspoon of brown sugar to my morning OATS but I ran out and figured fuck that brown sugar bastard,
I dont need those 15 extra calories.
I still love oatmeal.
Tomorrow is Friday and one of my big plans is to bake some chocolate chip cookies for some kiddos.
That is going to FORCE me to purchase some brown sugar.
and I am alll out of mustard AND CHEESE TOO! who runs out of mustard? that only happens like once in awhile so that will be a fun thing to buy.
I also need some fresh THYME for a chicken dish I am making that involves more oatmeal.

I could use some new socks and a little more cash.

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