Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Photobucketdo you know where this is? its a special spot for me. Photobucket
i am on vacation so its like fuck you BLOGGER/ INTERNETS I am BETTER THAN YOU and your lame boring world.
san fran does cause me to have millions of tiny anxiety attacks because there is SOOOOO much to see and do and BUY and its impossible!
YIKES> and buses and trains and trollies and seals and bridges and
bread bowls and sundaes and seals and streets and fountains.
and we cracked some crab legs and I ate a jumbo sized sausage. I bet you wish I had a picture of that.
in the end I had a bloody shark bite cocktail and that really helped take the edge off.
also my son turned 6 yesterday, so THATS THE FUN PART.
MORE LATER! just cause I feel that you need it.
right now I need a shower.
here look at this till I get back.

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