Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Did it storm last night, or did I dream it?

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznethave you been watching the olympics like me? I enjoy it. i would like to be an olympian. and I dont think that olympians eat MCDONALDS chicken sandwiches. so those commercials are a lie. its more accurate to show fat lazy asses praising the Mcdonalds menu. WHO Do they think they are fooling? olympians eat salads, dried fruits and maybe an occasional nut. - Photo Hosted at Buzzneti had a dream that I got in some families FACE for feeeding their young son tequila. they were sitting the next table over giving him shots.
I WAS ALL: YOU KNOW ABOUT ALCOHOLISM DONT YOU!? YOU KNOW THAT ALCOHOL KILLSS DONT YOU!? AND YOUNG CHILDREN SHOULD NEVER BE OFFERED TEQUILA and they got all sad and sorry about it BUT then some heffer came over to my table and got all up in my face and started to fight me. and she was ahead of the game for about 10 seconds but I turned that situation around quick like and FUCKED HER UP! I beat the living shit out of that fat ho.
then I felt all bad about it. so I left the bar? and I had to travel down some rapid river to get home. I was worried abput losing my bags that I had to carry. OH and my friend sara went back into the bar to get the cell phone that she left inside. I tried to talk her out of it but she insisted and she never came back out and so I had to leave her behind and I felt bad about that too. I thnk they beat her up.
but I kept thinking to myself that she is a strong girl. AND THEN I started to think that MAYBE she was involved with those assholes.
but I am sure that she got beat up.
too bad I had to leave but it was scary.
when i woke myself up I WAS SOO fucking RELIEVED THAT IT WAS ALL JUST A scary DREAM.
you know the feeling.
youre like phewwy thank god thats not real. sleepy sleep.

I ate some kick ass mexican food last night.
buffet stylez.

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