Wednesday, December 12, 2007


DSC00241dont forget how I dont care.
never forget that.
i went to YOGA today for the 1st time in a long time.
forgot how much breathing and stretching and focussing is involved.
its a good time to think about how prettty my hair looks and feels on my toes.
my son is growing up so fast
I cant stand iT!
and I am suspicious about his beliefs in tha SANTA CLAUS area
I dont think he believes anymoreor something.
i guess he has his doubts and he should.
he is no dummy idiot kid.
he is a brat but ALL kids are brats.
right now he is playing w a blonde haired little girl in the backyard.
the pool guy brought his daughter ir neice or something and so I told him that a little girl was out there so HE SHOULD GO PLAY WITH HER.
and he gave me a thumbs up and headed out.
my husband also went outside to pick up the DOGSHIT
we owe the pool guy like over 2 GRAND and he still comes to clean our pool EVERY WEEK.
its great. I think we have a friendship or something
eventually we will give him some money.
mind your own business.
I am going to THE MOVIES today!
I have frees passes.

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